300 Greatest Singers of all time ( in Italy)

How many Italian singers you know? You know Madonna and Dean Martin are not Italian singers, while Laura Pausini is an Italian singer?

Did you know that one of the biggest hits of Elvis Presley, by an Italian author and singer, and was sung at the Sanremo Festival?

Did you know that many of the greatest American singers of success have Italian origins?

Did you know that the first singer to sell more than 1 million records was an Italian?

300 Greatest Singers of all time  in Italy

Greatest Singers (italian - american)

  • Selena Gomez,
  • Ariana Grande,
  • Alicia Keys,
  • Cindi lauper
  • Demi Lovato,
  • Madonna,
  • Dean Martin,
  • Frank Sinatra,
  • Lisa Minelli,
  • Nancy Sinatra ( of course...)
  • Gwen Stefani,
These above are just the Americans of Italian singers of international renown, which everyone knows, but there are many others, are hundreds.
But we want to introduce you to those Italian singers who can find on link above